Peppol Dictionary/Abbreviations

This page lists some of the terms and abbreviations often used in Peppol. If you are missing a term drop me a note.

AISBLAssociation internationale sans but lucratif A non-profit origanisation under Belgium law. See this page for details (in French).
APAccessPoint The technical connector of a software solution that is capable of sending and/or receiving Peppol business documents
AS2Application Statement 2 Transport protocol specified in RFC 4130. This was the default transport protocol until 2020-01-31.
AS4 Application Statement 4 Transport protocol specified by OASIS. It was used in the eSENS project and adopted by CEF. The Peppol AS4 profile v2 is the mandatory transport protocol in the Peppol eDelivery network since 2020-02-01.
BISBusiness Interoperability SpecificationA Peppol created specification that define how a business document exchange should take place and how the UBL elements are bound to semantical elements.
BLRBusiness Level Response Business document to be exchanged stating business level validation results (see also MLR). Peppol does not contain a single BLR - it contains an Order Response and an Invoice Response.
Business CardThe document type for describing the non-functional aspects of a Peppol participant for listing in the PD.
CEFConnecting Europe Facility An instrument of the EC for funding and informing about e-Delivery, e-Invoicing etc. solutions. See
CIIUN/CEFACT Cross Industry InvoiceOne of the two formats identified by the EN to be supported.
The previous Peppol reference implementation now maintained by EC. See Superseded by CEF -
CIUS Core Invoice User Specification Defines how to adopt the EN to local requirements. Billing BIS 3 is a CIUS of the EN.
CMBChange Management BoardThe Peppol internal team that makes decisions. There is one CMB for TICC, PoACC and PrACC.
DNSDomain Name System Basic part of Internet technology that maps domain names to IP addresses for technical routing. Used by SML.
ECEuropean CommissionGeneric term for all entities directly or indirectly related to them (DG DIGIT etc.).
EDECeDelivery Domain Community The successor of TICC within OpenPeppol. See
EN European NormUsually this refers to the EN 16931-1, the European Norm on e-Invoicing.
F2FFace to face This defines an event where people are meeting in real (face to face) and not just virtually in telephone conferences.
IRM Invoice Response Message Special BLR for invoices.
Lightweight Message ExchangeLegacy Peppol transport protocol for pulling messages. Has been discontinued.
MCManaging CommitteeThe Peppol managing board.
MDNMessage Disposition Notification The technical receipt of acknowledgment for AS2 transmissions defined in RFC 3798.
MLRMessage Level ResponseBusiness document to be exchanged stating technical validation results (see also BLR)
OASISOrganization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards International standardization organisation. See
OpenPeppol AISBL The organisation responsible for maintaining Peppol standards and running the transport infrastructure. See See also AISBL.
PDPeppol Directory A central Peppol service that should help in mapping Peppol participant IDs to the participant names and countries.
Pan European Public Procurement On-Line This is the European project that initiated all this. Started as a European Large Scale Pilot and is now maintained by OpenPeppol AISBL. Since middle of 2019 the abbreviation was officially replaced with "Peppol" as a noun.
POACPost-Award Domain Community Peppol internal team to manage the post-award assets. See
Post-Award Coordinating Community The old term for POAC.
PIDParticipant identifier This is the technical identifier for the sender and receiver of a document exchange. This is also used in an SMP as a so called "service group".
PRACPre-Award Domain Community Peppol internal team to manage the pre-award assets. See
Pre-Award Coordinating Community The old term for PRAC.
SBDStandard Business Document A generic XML envelope structure that defines a header and a payload. See also SBDH.
SBDHStandard Business Document Header The header part inside the SBD.
SMK Test version of the SML ('K' comes before 'L'). Currently operated by CEF.
SMLService Metadata Locator Central Peppol service that modifies the DNS. Currently operated by CEF.
SMPService Metadata Publisher Distributed Peppol registry. Used to lookup participant endpoint URLs. See for an Open Source implementation.
Secure Trusted Asynchronous Reliable TransportLegacy Peppol transport protocol, based on the Webservice stack. Was superseded by AS2.
TICC Codelist Team Special team that takes care of the "Peppol Policy for the use of identifiers" as well as the codelists required for document exchange.
TIATransport Infrastructure AgreementThe contract between the Peppol user and the Peppol Authority
Transport Infrastructure Coordinating Community Peppol internal team to manage the technical assets. See Now called EDEC.
UBLUniversal Business LanguageAn OASIS standard that defines certain XML based document types used in Peppol and the EN.
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